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Site Study

Once the enquiry comes from a potential client, our team reviews all drawings, sketches, and specifications, and discuss the scope of work, equipment, and any initial design considerations with the client. The first step in the planning process of any water feature is to make sure that the existing or proposed site can work in concert with the established operational goals of the site or expansion. Our designers will review the site and work with the land contour and vistas to ensure a perfect fit with the existing surroundings. During this process, Team Water Works (TWW) will examine existing site infrastructure and provide a thorough review of all agency requirements. Identifying these issues early in the process will help avoid costly overruns and delays later on.

Top Conceptualisation

A comprehensive design program is developed before any ground work is started. TWW will work in concert with your team, to develop a design program that addresses your project’s entertainment value, theme, capacity and budget goals. The end result of the planning process is the creation of a Design Development Package that further establishes your project’s architectural plan, theme, size and scope.

Top Detailed Design

Once the project is awarded to TWW and the Client instructs us to proceed with a project, the sales team releases the project to the engineering department to develop an installation drawings package. Once completed (typically 1-2 weeks), they are submitted to the client along with any other necessary submittal information. After the drawings are reviewed and approved by the project’s architect/client, the project is released to the Execution Team for necessary works at Site. This Installation Drawings Package will ensure that not only will the design be creative and work on all levels, but that creation of the design itself and the implementation of the design are delivered efficiently and on time.

Top Execution and Completion

TWW coordinates the delivery of water feature equipments along with the project schedule as created by our client or the general contractor. Our trained execution team carries an approved copy of the installation drawings providing piping and conduit layout and sizes, utility requirements, and installation details. To ensure that this phase runs smoothly, our engineers are available at all stages of the installation and construction to assist with any technical requirements or to make necessary adjustments for unforeseen conditions that may arise at the job-site. Our technician will give a one-day demonstration of the water feature system and will make necessary adjustments of the components to ensure that the water feature is in proper working condition. The technician will demonstrate the operation of the system like the water level control system, operation of all mechanical equipment, setting of time clocks, and discuss regular system maintenance.

Top Consultancy

“You build it with our technology”. We understand that many clients have in-house construction capabilities. We use our design teams to deliver your architectural plan and you build your water feature with our experience and equipment. The same design, architectural and engineering capabilities that we use for our own projects are made available for your project.

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